Lake People G103-P MKII Broadcast Version

  Monday 15 April 2024, 13:16

Lake People introduces a special Broadcast Version of its popular G103-P MKII headphone amplifier. Like the standard version, the new model provides high-quality, transparent amplification for almost every type of headphones at any impedance. The G103-P MKII Broadcast Version is optimized for uninterrupted operation, so a power switch is unnecessary. Special mounting options are available for all G series models from Lake People: the compact amps can be installed under a desk or on a microphone stand. With these options, the precise, authentic playback quality is available wherever it is required in demanding broadcast and studio applications.

Lake People caters to the special requirements of broadcast companies by introducing a Broadcast Version of the G103-P MKII headphone amplifier. The Broadcast Version is optimized for continuous operation. All G series models by Lake People now also have a number of mounting options available, directly inspired by requests from the broadcasting companies.

Top broadcast level headphone amplifier
Lake People headphone amplifiers enjoy a stellar reputation around the world for their outstanding sound properties. The G103-P MKII maintains these virtues in the Broadcast Version, providing transparent playback for all sorts of headphones. The electronics effortlessly drive low-impedance headphones as well as high-impedance headphones - 16 ohms or 600 ohms does not make a difference for the G103-P MKII Broadcast Version. The Pre Gain circuit allows for adjusting the signals level to make optimal use of the volume control.

Reliable in continuous operation
After the show is before the show, so professional broadcasting equipment needs to cope well with the stress of uninterrupted operation. The Lake People G103-P MKII Broadcast Version is tailored to continuously provide excellent, high-quality headphone playback. Upon broadcasters' request, the device does not feature a power switch to eliminate the danger of maloperation.

Optimized specs for outstanding sound
The Lake People G103-P MKII Broadcast Version delivers outstanding technical specs, resulting in a clear, authentic sound image. Minimal distortion, great signal-to-noise ratio, exceptional crosstalk attenuation and up to 1,240 mW of power make the G103-P MKII Broadcast Version the ideal monitoring tool for almost every set of headphones. Up to two headphones can be used simultaneously via the jack connectors on the front. Input signals are connected via XLR.

Special mounting options
The Lake People G103-P MKII Broadcast Version, as well as all other G series models, offers additional mounting options. The headphone amplifier can be installed directly under a desk top of an editing or mixing suite, so headphone jacks and controls are easily accessible without the amp taking up space. For even greater flexibility in different environments, the amp can also be installed on a microphone stand. That way, the G series amplifiers can also used where fixed installation is not possible, but high-quality monitoring is still required.

First-grade quality made in Germany
Lake People is known for high-quality craftsmanship and the use of select components. This commitment to quality is obvious from the enclosure already: the black anodized housing of the G103-P MKII Broadcast Version easily withstands the stress of media production. A high-quality Alps potentiometer controls the volume reliably and with the required sensitivity via its 25-mm solid aluminium knob. The manufacturing in the company's own workshop ensures meeting the Lake People quality standards according to the company motto: “Tools, not Toys”.