Trinnov NOVA

# TRIN041500
Optimizer with 2-channel licence
€ 2.990,00
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The Trinnov Audio NOVA is a new hardware room-correction solution that aims to deliver many of the benefits of their highly-regarded ST2 PRO, D-MON and MC-PRO in smaller, more cost-effective package.
The company's existing pro audio correction systems are based around custom PCs running Linux, and are housed within a 2U enclosure. NOVA is more compact, occupying 1U of rack space, and instead utilises an ARM processor which is capable of carrying out Trinnov's room-correction and optimisation processing on up to six channels of audio, as well as handling bass management duties.

In addition to its correction capability, NOVA also boasts a comprehensive set of monitoring control facilities, and can also be used to carry out tasks such as speaker switching, as well as providing cue mix functionality and being able to create downmixes. By using Audinate's Dante Virtual Soundcard software, it is also possible to use NOVA as an audio interface to provide direct DAW-to-monitoring system integration.