PSI Audio AVAA C214 Black

# PSI 215520
Active Velocity Acoustic Absorber
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juli, 2023


PSI Audio introduces the AVAA C214. The new active bass trap stands aside its world-famous sibling, the C20. The innovative AVAA active bass trap technology eliminates room modes from 15 Hz to 160 Hz without requiring calibration or tuning. The result is a much cleaner bass response in discerning listening environments like professional studios or audiophile setups. While the C20 employs all-analogue technology, the C214 makes innovative use of digital technology and uses smaller membranes for an even more compact footprint. Due to the integration of digital technology, the AVAA C214 can be controlled via an app on a smartphone or tablet, and adds some control to the established outstanding sonic performance.

PSI Audio revolutionised acoustics with the introduction of the Active Velocity Acoustic Absorber AVAA C20 in 2016. Now the Swiss manufacturer presents the next evolutionary step for the innovative technology: the AVAA C214.

The end of room modes: AVAA technology
With AVAA, PSI Audio developed a clever way to manipulate the acoustic impedance in front of the device. The result is the elimination of resonant frequencies from the room – not just for the sweet spot, but the entire room. AVAA covers the entire spectrum from 15 Hz to 160 Hz and does not require calibration or tuning. Any
room modes in this range will be eliminated, clearing the listening space from unnecessary rumble in the very spectrum that is so hard to treat with passive acoustics. 45 times as efficient as classic absorbers of the same size, AVAA saves space while yielding impressive results. Since it deals with room modes, it particularly improves the room’s response over time: a short bass pulse does not keep ringing, it stops when it is supposed to. Tight bass in a tight space.

C214: the new generation of AVAA
The new AVAA C214 by PSI Audio takes the AVAA technology and approaches it slightly differently. While the original C20 is completely analogue (and will remain available), the C214 employs digital technology. As a result, the new model can react more flexibly to the room, and can be controlled with a smartphone or tablet. A wider
sensitivity adjustment allows for tweaking the system’s efficiency. A new control system ensures optimal performance even when sudden changes in the room’s impedance occur. It replaces the large membrane in the C20 with two smaller ones, hence reducing its footprint and allowing for an even more compact and stylish design
that can be mounted to any place in the room: on the floor, on the wall, on the ceiling.

The mobile hole in the wall
The AVAA functionality does not change with the new C214 – the new model eliminates room modes just as efficiently, if not even more so, than its all-analogue predecessor. AVAA acts like a hole in the wall, letting sound waves “pass through” and leave the room. With its compact and neat design and its extremely high efficiency, AVAA is a particularly mobile solution: if the listening environment needs to move, AVAA devices will just move with it and take up their function again in the new space. Though AVAA is an active bass trap it still behaves like a typical bass trap: There is neither anti-sound emission nor noise cancelling nor a “reversed” subwoofer – just highly efficient absorption. AVAA is arguably the easiest, most elegant and most flexible acoustics solution for room modes possible.